Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | September 3, 2007

End of Summer

I can’t believe Labor Day Weekend has come and gone.  I spent my weekend dogsitting! It wasn’t that bad really, got to catch up on some reading and since my husband and I love to hike, we thought we might be able to find someplace in the Hamden area to go. I of course went straight to the 974’s-976’s , search term hiking-connecticut, in our library and found some great Connecticut hiking books.  We didn’t take the dogs with us, they are two BIG dogs, but we did find a great hiking place, Sleeping Giant State Park. It was awesome, a great way to spend a Sunday morning, the trees, the birds, the breeze, the view and I can tell you that my muscles were definately sore the next day.  I love the library, it helps you to find great information about anything.  The Internet is great as well because once I found were I wanted to hike I did a Google search and came up with some more additional information about Sleeping Giant.  This is just the beginning for me and my husband.  Now that I’ve got access to all of these great resources I know we will be discovering alot of other great places to hike. 

I’ve put up some new pictures on our Flickr account.  One is of Jennifer, our new teen librarian here at “the woods”.  She is very cool and is looking forward to meeting all the teens who visit us here.  She’s got some great programs coming up but is also looking for some ideas from all our great teens.  Teen Librarians are very special and unique indivduals.  They have to be up to date on the latest trends for teens and need to be able to offer teens resources for homework, music, development, and life in general.  Teen librarians need to gain the trust of the teens who visit the library, and also offer an ear to anyone who might just want to talk.  I’m really excited to have Jennifer on our staff.

Last week I was able to participate in Jennings School PTA’s first day of school coffee.  What a great looking school, I got to walk to it from the library, and the parents I met were so nice.  We talked a little bit about our upcoming programs, at the library and they shared all the things they love about us.  It is such a great community the library is part of.  Two schools within walking distance of the library.  I still can’t get over my luck!


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