Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | September 15, 2007

September Song

I’m getting that Autumn time itch when there’s that little nip in the air and the leaves are starting to change.  I know it might be a bit early for some of you to make that switch from summer to fall but remember I’ve been a Florida girl for several years and I’m liking the small change.  The other day I was thinking about whether there were any songs that celebrated the best of Autumn.  I went to two places to find out.  I did a google search, pulled up some great titles (even got to listen to some of the songs) and then went into our catalogue to see if we owned any of them.  Sure enough our branch library and the main have some awesome cd’s that have an autumn song in them.  I hope I’m not dating myself but check out Frank Sinatra’s great song, September Song in “The Reprise Collection, Frank Sinatra” here are some other great cd’s that have an autumn song in them.  “John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman”, Autumn Serenade, “Linus & Lucy: the music of Vince Guaraldi”, The Great Pumpkin Waltz, “Greatest Hits-Neil Young”, Harvest Moon, “Ella & Louis Again”, two great Jazz artists singing Autumn in New York, and Voices of Autumn in “Our American Journey”.  Listening to all of this great music, I know, is going to send me right over to the 641’s in the library so I can start looking for some delicious stew and apple pie recipes…….yum!

Has anyone had a chance to come in and meet Jennifer our new teen librarian?  She’s doing a really awesome book discussion (do teens call it that now?) on the books “Beauty” and “Beast“.  I’m sure you can guess what the books are about but these two noted teen authors have retooled this classic tale in a way that really appeals to teens.  Teens do need to sign up for Jen’s group so make sure you visit our calendar of events.

Visit us soon, we look forward to talking to you about great books.



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