Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | September 25, 2007

knitting circle

I just finished listening to a book on CD called The Knitting Circle  by Ann Hood.  It’s the story about a husband and wife who lose their child to illness and must find a way to cope with the enormous pain and sorrow.  The woman eventually joins a knitting circle at a local knitting store.  Here she begins new friendships, begins to rejoice in her child’s life and learns how to knit!  Throughout the book there are stories about the joy and comfort of knitting and lots of knitting terms. This brought back some knitting memories of my own. When I was nine or ten years old I remember many summers sitting with my mom and my aunt learning how to knit.  Several of my cousins also participated on those lazy days of summer and because I’m the left handed one of the group I always seemed to have a little bit of difficulty mastering those needles.  But I loved it! We sat around for hours on the lawn, or in a bedroom, or on the living room rug and knitted, talked about boys, giggled, and ate potato chips and drank kool-aid.  There’s something about knitting, it stops you for awhile as you think about your stitches or listen to the needles clicking, the feel of the yarn…..We’re starting our own knitting circle at the branch.  It’s going to start on October 4th from 10:00am to 11:00am.  I’m really excited about it, I hope you can join us.  Some of you may have never tried knitting before.  That’s ok, just remember knitting is basically two stitches, a knit and a purl.  It’s what you do with those two stitches that is the fascinating part.  I’ll admit right now, I am not a knitting expert but I’m pretty sure I can get you started on a winter scarf pretty easily.  Some of you may already be knitters and would like to join us as well.  We’d love it! Nancy, a wonderful patron who visits our library weekly, has donated some beautiful wool yarn for us to experiment with.  She’s even going to give us some different size needles to use.  She’s a knitter and has been doing it for a long time, luckily for us she’ll be joining our group.  We of course have some fantastic knitting books, dvd’s and books on CD at the branch, “Knit & Stitch for Beginners”  by Wendy Freeman, Never too old to knit”  bu Karin Strom, and the DVD “I can’t believe I’m knitting” with Melissa Leapman.  I’ve also gone to Google, typed in knitting+podcast and came up with a really cool site that podcasts all about knitting. It’s called Cast Onknit like the wind.  It’s hosted by Brenda Dayne, an American writer and knitter living in Britain.  She travels the green and pleasant land of Britan searching for creative knitting inspiration.  There’s wonderful music, suggestions, ideas and great stories.  Try it out, she gives directions on how to subscribe to the podcast. 

A knitting circle can become a great way to meet new people, learn something new, visit our great library, and just have fun.  I hope you can join us, oh and as we progress I’ll take some pictures of our projects so you can follow along just in case you can’t make it.  Happy Knitting……Nancy



  1. Good luck with your knitting circle! I’m an avid knitter and I recently re-discovered my local library as a wonderful resource for audiobooks, which are great if you need to keep your hands and eyes busy for knitting or other crafting. I’ve gotten through many books that are now favorites, all while working on my knitting projects.

  2. Thanks for the good luck. I’m so glad you have discovered books on CD. They aren’t just great for the daily commute!

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