Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | October 4, 2007

Risks and Returns

If you are a Mets fan, you’re probably still feeling a bit nauseous from the roller coaster ride they’ve taken you on this past season.  Ups, downs, all around the town!!  It’s always been a bit risky to put all of your hopes on the Mets, but this year’s been especially tough.  Well, there’s always next year, right? Right!  Speaking of risks and ups and downs makes me think of another volatile “sport” if you will – investing in the stock market.  Things have been a little bumpy there lately, too.  We may not have any control over Willie Randolph and the boys, but we can have some control over risks and gains when it comes to creating and managing a portfolio.  We are very lucky to have Mr. Jonathan Wooten, a former investment banker, as a guest speaker for our Technology Topics series.  The title of the lecture is “Investment Resources Online,” and he’ll be discussing successful and safe ways to gather information from online (and some print) sources that will go a long way in helping to build a sound portfolio.  Come join us on Thursday, October 25th at 7:00  pm in the Platt Walsh Room.   No strikes, just hits – that’s a promise! 


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