Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | October 16, 2007

I Wish I was a kid again!

I was taking a walk during my lunch break today and because the weather has gotten brisker and the leaves were blowing all over the place, I started to think way, way back to my days of trick-or-treating and when my kids did as well.   When I was growing up, a day or two before Halloween, my parents would lay out lots of newspaper on our kitchen table.  My father would then proceed to cut out our jack-o-lanterns, one for each of us.  My brothers and I got the fun part of scooping out all the icky, gooey, insides of the pumpkin.  My mom would clean up the seeds and make the most delicious roasted pumpkin seeds ever.  We would take handfuls of them as we ran in and out of the house, playing, during the next couple of days.  Oh they were good.  My kids never liked them but now that they’re on their own and out of the house I think I’ll make up a batch of them for my husband and me. 

It would take weeks for my brothers and me to come up with great costumes.  My mom would take us to the library to check out books to get ideas on costumes , we didn’t have the luxury of just checking on the Internet for them, but we always seemed to come up with some great homemade ones.   Even my kids loved to make their own instead of buying them.  We also never got to have a haunted house,  a couple of neighbors might do something a little spooky out on their front stoop but nothing compared to today’s standards.  My son would go out to our backyard shed every year and put together something scary to scare all of my daughters friends. It was always so much fun. I of course loved to trick or treat, I even went out when I was in college, but that’s because I LOVED candy so much.  We would get popcorn balls and candy corn and Hersey bars, yum!! I would really fill up my pillowcase and eat and eat candy for weeks.  My kids had a nice trick-or treat tradition as well.  A friend of mine lived about 1/2 mile away from us and every year she used to make the best Halloween fudge you could imagine.  We would trick or treat down to her house where she would have a special area just for friends to enter.  There would be a huge bowl of homemade fudge for us to take a few.  My kids still talk about it.  Of course the best part of this for me was that her husband would then drive us back home where an exhausted mother (me) helped her kids sort through their candy!

Halloween is great fun and the library has lots and lots of great books on costumes, and pumpkin decorating, and haunted houses……and as you can see by my links the Internet also has some fun and interesting places to look.  One more I wanted to mention though, a green site, green is in now so you might want to check this one out as well.

Well, I’ve really gotten myself into that Halloween excitment mode and I hope I’ve peaked a couple of your own favorite, when you were young, Halloween memories.  Happy Halloween everyone.



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