Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | November 5, 2007

Veterans Day

There’s only six days left to Veterans Day and I would like to say thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our Veterans as we celebrate you. I got more interested in Veterans Day this year, when I heard a statistic on a radio station I was listening to.  It stated that as of 9/30/2006 there were 3,151,000 living WWII Veterans and that 1,025 passed away each day.  Wow, that seemed pretty staggering to me. My dad was a WWII veteran and passed away recently.  I knew about his basic Air Force service, during World War II, and how he had served in England and was a gunner but I wish I had learned more.  I wish he had shared more stories with me.  As I went through some old photographs, with my mom, I saw pictures of my dad standing in front of a plane with a group of men, all smiling.  Wearing a leather bomber jacket with a fur color, his hat tipped to the side a little looking so handsome, so young.  I would love to have heard about those men standing with my dad, ….were they scared? did they want to be there? and what  did they do on a day to day basis?   Preserving our countries history seems so important to me.  The Library of Congress is working on a Veterans History Project aimed at collecting oral history interviews, memoirs, letters, diaries, etc. from veterans of all our wars.  If you know a Veteran have him or her check it out and contribute their thoughts about their experiences.

I put up a Veterans Day display of books in our Branch and as I was searching for information about the history of Veterans Day I came about a site called Celebrating America’s Freedoms.  It’s a collection of stories about some of America’s customs and national symbols. It includes the history of “Taps”, the Pledge of Allegiance, and Veterans Day. 

 If you get a chance, visit the library and check out a book or two about our Veterans and the wars they served in.  We’ve got some great books about these courageous men and women.   I’ll be thinking about our Vets and our Soldiers at War this Veterans Day….. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough.



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