Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | November 17, 2007

Ref Desk Speaks

Wouldn’t you be interested in a book that claims to contain “everything you need to know to get by in the 21st century?”  Especially if that book was published by an organization as established as National Geographic?  It’s called “The Knowledge Book,” and it’s so much fun to browse through.  The hook comes in the very first sentence of the forward by David Wallechinsky…”I was raised in a home with books in every room.”  What librarian wouldn’t love a book that started that way?  There’s also a fond remembrance of a childhood copy of “The World Book Encyclopedia,” another Reference favorite.  This book is quite readable all the way through, with lots of great photos, time-lines and fun “Insider Knowledge” boxes with info that will definitely come in handy for trivia games, crossword puzzles, and maybe even your next holiday party as great conversation openers. (“Please pass the dip – and did you know that no artist was reproduced more often in the 20th century than Vincent van Gogh?”)  Too bad this book isn’t small enough to fit in your pocket!


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