Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | November 26, 2007

gingerbread houses

Have you ever had the desire to make a gingerbread house but………fill in any excuse you’ve ever used.  Yes, they are extremely difficult to make and decorate but it is so much fun.  This past Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I knew, would be the perfect time for me to finely attempt one. My kids were coming to spend the weekend and I hoped I could entice/bribe them into helping out.  I checked in our library catalogue and found several great books on gingerbread recipes and lots of pictures of gingerbread houses to look at.  I made the dough a couple of nights before their arrival and then had to decide on a template, and how to cut the rolled dough out.  I went on line and found a great template that was put out by Bob Villa, “the builder”! How perfect is that – a real builder explaining how to cut out and construct a gingerbread house.  Once I got going it was really quite easy, and while it was baking it smelled delicious in our house.  With that done I had to just wait for the kids to arrive.  I laid out all the candy, made the frosting, and away we went…….. a couple of bags of candy and several hours later we had put together our first ever gingerbread house.  I think it came out pretty great.  Take a look at the pictures or come into the library, follow your nose and take a look at the real thing!  It was great family fun, thanks, John, Alicia, Beth, and Jeff for all your hardwork.  Notice my husband Alan’s name is not included in the helping out list……oh, wait a minute, he was the one who ate the houses chimney before we could get it up! That meant having to figure out a whole new strategy from our roof builder, my son.  Anyways, if we can do this as a family activity and live to talk about it anybody else could too.  Think about, and check out some gingerbread books, at your local library, today.



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