Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | December 24, 2007

Libraries change lives

Everyday, somewhere in this world, a library and books are changing someone’s life.  Richard Wright, writer of the “Native Son”, believed that books and the public library changed his life.  Because of rules and regulations on segregation, Richard was unable to get books from his local library in Mississippi.  He enlisted the aide of a white co-worker who helped in gaining access to the public library and books.  Learning, for Richard, was his ticket for freedom.  Gary Paulsen, another great writer said, “I would have been an intellectual idiot without the library.”  He visited a library in Minnesota one night, to get warm, and met a librarian who offered him a library card.  This opened up a world of books for him.  Westerns, sci-fi and some classics thrown in.  He say’s “it saved me, it really did.” You don’t need to be famous to have the same enriching experience. Every library has a story about helping someone find the perfect book, piece of information, or in fullfilling their dreams. 

Building a better life by using the library as a resource, continues daily in libraries across the world.  It’s a great gift libraries have to offer.  The gift of freedom of choice, the gift of knowledge, the gift to dream…….

As we begin the New Year, the Fairfield Woods Branch Library staff would love to hear your story on how a library may have helped to change your life.

We wish you all the best for the upcoming year.



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