Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | January 4, 2008

woods book club

We’re starting a new book club here at the woods, it may be our first one ever, and I’m so excited about it.  I’ve been a part of different bookclubs throughout my many years of working in libraries.  I started one of the first mother/daughter bookgroups way back in the early 90’s and it was always so much fun to hear the different opinions and discussions from the moms and the girls.  Many times a mom would be sharing something about when she was young and her daughter would turn to her and say, “I didn’t know that happened.” Book clubs can become tremendous vehicles in bringing people together who might otherwise never meet, to discuss great stories and books.  Claudia, one of our Branch staff is going to be facilitating our new group and I invite all of you, who can, to join us.  Here are my top 10 reasons to join our book club. (which is starting on January 30th @ 2:00pm – reading and discussing “A Thread of Grace”)

10. get great recommendations from other readers

9. learn interesting things about the authors

8. meet at the perfect place – the LIBRARY

7. read different genres (historical fiction, mystery, contemporary)

6. helps get your mind off other things

5. can amuse and inform

4. can discuss and learn about different people’s reading rituals

3. get to know and meet new people

2. become a better reader

and my #1 reason for joining our book club……

1. share and talk about great books with CLAUDIA, our new book club facilitator!

Hope you can become one of our new book club groupies!




  1. Would you tell us a bit more about “Claudia” your book club facilitator?

  2. Claudia, a lifelong reader, is especially interested in contemporary fiction, the classics, and the occasional mystery. She has shared this love for reading in several book clubs, started a mother-daughter book club and is a member of the author visit committee at a Fairfield elementary school. Claudia loves books and reading!

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