Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | January 16, 2008

SAT’s and PrepMe

I think the senior deadline for college applications is coming up quickly, that means that Juniors and even Sophomores are prepping for the SAT’s, PSAT’s and ACT’s.  1.6 million students take the SAT’s annually. That’s a staggering amount.  How do you prepare yourself to stand out, to get that edge on other students?  There are so many teens who are qualified for the Ivy League and Big Ten colleges, and you know there are so few spots available.  What’s a teen to do?  We have an on-line database program called PrepMewhich I think may be the answer. It’s improved SAT scores by an average of 305 points! Wow, that’s pretty impressive. If a teen can’t afford the time or money for a private tutor or regular class, this could be a very useful alternative. 

PreMe was founded by University of Chicago MBA Grad, Karan Goel, and a former Google product manager, Avichal Garg.  PreMe was founded in 2001, and Goel states “It’s not about 30 people sitting in a classroom – this is about helping you individually.” How great is that, the full attention of a tutor – no distractions – no worries about other people in a big room who might not want to be there – no time restrictions.   Many of the tutors are from Stanford and the University of Chicago.  They are paid not by the hour but by how well their students do.  That’s a motivator for students.  It’s a great way for a tutor to respond to individual needs.

Students can access the training tools and tutor from anywhere a computer is available.  That could mean late night, in their bedrooms, during a study hall at school, or on a family trip to Disney World. 

I hope there will be many teens who take advantage of this great service.  The cost, if you are a Fairfield resident and have a library card is zip. Yep, you read that right, we have the course in our Free Databases.  This course would normally cost you over $300.00! Public Libraries are such gems, aren’t they!  There are so many different types of opportunities for learning.  How do you access PrepMe? You’re on our webpage right now, click on on-line resources, click on test preparation, and then click on PreMe.  At this point you’ll have to enter your library card number.  If you want to know more about this fantastic database, we are having a program on Thursday, January 24th @ 7:00 here at Fairfield Woods Branch.  Registration is required so visit our calendar of events section on our website and sign up today.



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