Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | February 4, 2008

Victorian Tea Party

We had the best time Saturday here at the Branch.  Our Victorian Tea Party was a smashing success!  Rachel, Sophia, Hannah, and Maggie, four middleschoolers from Fairfield Woods, along with Bobbie Schlig a part of our staff, performed a fantastic play about having tea in Victorian times.  The play was based on the “American Girl” series and Samantha in particular.  They were all very professional actors and the young lady’s participating in the tea party loved the performance!  The older girls were great role models for this younger group to watch. (check out the pictures)

We also had Jean from “Where in the World” store, in Fairfield center, here to help.  She brought a lot of great American Girl products to display and lent us two of her American Girl dolls for our own Victorian Tea Party display we put together here at the branch. 

I love offering programs like this for our younger patrons.  The program was based on some great historical fiction books, that girls really enjoy reading and by “pulling a page, or chapter, or idea” from the books let’s us experience that time period for just awhile.  No TV, no cell phones, no computers!! What’s a girl to do? Well, they enjoyed each other’s company talking and giggling, made some beautiful items, and enjoyed a cup of tea.



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