Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | February 20, 2008

Three Cups of Tea

The Assistant Director, Karen Ronald, and I have now visited 5 bookclubs to talk about “Three Cups of Tea”, our One Book, One Town selection.  Each group has offered different perspectives on how the book has touched them.  We’ve talked about religion, education, how we live our lives in the United States, and the challenges of mountain climbing!  All of us have agreed that we have a greater understanding of Pakistan and Afghanistan.  It’s amazing to me that everytime Karen and I go off to visit one of these groups we come away with new ideas and insights into this book.  With Pakistan having it’s election this week, we discussed women voting there and generally about the elections in these countries.  In one meeting we went to, we had a great discussion about raising the funds to build a school, with money donated by the people of Fairfield.  In another meeting the club members were treated to Middle Eastern foods as we talked about education and the plight of  girls in these countries. We’ve talked about failures, in Greg’s life and our own.

  Karen and I feel honored to be able to go out into our community, as Fairfield Public Library librarians, and talk, share ideas and become acquainted with our informed citizens.  We’ve got about eight more bookclubs to visit and we are looking forward to furthering our discussions on this great book.



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