Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | February 28, 2008

Health Information at the library

I’ve just gotten back from a CT Health Access Training session. This was a two day workshop on developing current Health Information for you, our patrons. It gave us the tools to assess the needs of our community as well as ideas to implement programming, books, media etc. related to health topics. The program is sponsored by the Connecticut State Library and Libraries for the Future. 

I have learned about so many great websites that I wanted to share them with you asap!  Bookmark them so that you can have easy access.

#1. MedlinePlus:  Created by the National Library of Medicine, this is the first place to go with ANY consumer health related question.  It includes an encyclopedia, dictionary, drug database, several directories, and current news items.

#2. Dirline:  Looking for a support group or research organization? DIRLINE (Directory of Information Resources Online) is an online directory of over 8,400 health-related organizations and other resources.  As an example look up “two different types of shoes” click on the first entry and see the organization it brings up!

#3. From the American Academy of Family Physicians, a national medical organization representing more than 93,000 physicians, family practice residents and medical students, this site provides information written and reviewed by physicians and patient education professionals.

#4. One of the best Internet sites for information on pharmaceuticals, interactions and herbals.  Includes photographs of drugs and information for the physician and patient.

These are just a few of some really great choices about health.  I’ll share some more websites and books with you in another post.  Hey, take a break from google and explore great websites you can trust.




  1. If you want to learn more about consumer health, check out National Networks of Libraries of Medicine New England Region’s outreach page at I would also recommend and for general health info.

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