Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | March 6, 2008

Shining Stars

Last night we met a man who is responsible for transforming the lives of hundreds of people.  A man who consistently speaks to sold-out crowds of 1600 or more; a man who is influential enough to have raised millions of dollars world-wide for his cause.  He didn’t come with an entourage, he didn’t make demands of us for special treatment, and he went out of his way to make sure that he thanked each and every person who was responsible for bringing him to Fairfield.

We couldn’t have been more honored to have Greg Mortenson, the man behind the book “Three Cups of Tea,” to begin Fairfield’s month-long “One Book, One Town” celebration.  Admittedly, this event, perhaps more than any other event in the Library’s history, was the cause of much concern for the staff.  Right from the start, when all of the 600 plus tickets were gone in one day, we knew that we were in for something both exciting and challenging.  We also knew that “One Book, One Town” couldn’t have gone forward without Greg Mortenson.  He is the man responsible, after all, for the story that has brought the message of hope to so many of us at a time when hope is needed most desperately.

Thank goodness Greg’s book and his message found us, mostly through the persistence of our dear friend and colleague, Anne Marie.   She was so moved by Greg’s mission that it became her mission to have this book reach as many people as possible.  How we all wish she could have been there last night to meet Greg.  Her wonderful family was there, and Greg made very sure to remember them in a special way. 

And we are all extremely proud to work with someone like Susan Z, the Librarian who is the tour de force behind all of the “One Book, One Town” events.  She has been working tirelessly for months and deserves endless amounts of praise.  In her commitment to the success of this program and in shying away a bit from the spotlight, Susan reminds me of Greg.

And Greg Mortenson is so deserving of the spotlight.  He is, in fact, a superstar.  He just doesn’t know it. 


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