Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | April 2, 2008


April is National Volunteer Month and I want to do a gigantic shout out “Thank You” to all of our volunteers here at the branch.  They contribute so much to our every day happenings and are an important part of our library family. National Volunteer Month was created in 1974 to recognize the efforts of dedicated community volunteers.  More than 100 million volunteers working in their comunities contribute their time and talents daily. That’s pretty impressive.

Believe it or not I’m already thinking about our fall programming and I’d like to invite  more volunteers to help us.  As you know libraries are places were learning, information gathering and finding that perfect read, movie, or music cd takes place everyday.  We’d like to fill our library with ideas, discoveries, and ah-ha moments.  We can do this with our great collections but we can also do this by tapping into our wonderful talented citizens.  I’m looking for volunteers who can teach a class, entertain a group, inspire an audience and garner great satisfaction in doing it.  We are looking for artists, computer geeks, environmentalists, gardeners, cooks, quilters, movie makers, dancers…you get the picture. The library becomes a place that merges imagination, curiousity, and quite moments. It’s filled with a satisfying buzz.  It becomes “the” place to be.

 Let me know if you’re interested or if you know someone else who might be.  This could be a one shot deal (class) or an ongoing series (3 weeks or more).  We could have one person or several involved together. One idea could be a mind, body, spirit series.  A yoga instructor, a natural foods enthusiast, and a psychologist.  We could have a laugh club, there’s nothing better than a hearty laugh out loud or a class on videography, oh, we could do a class on…. I think I should stop here because the possiblilites are endless. 

Volunteers are key to making this successful.  Won’t you help us? Give the library a call or email me.  We can make this happen with some great volunteers.



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