Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | June 13, 2008

Gardening and summer reading (listening) part 2

I had an exciting week with gardens.  On Wedensday morning bright and early (8:00 a.m.) my husband and I hopped into our car and headed over to Jones Family farm, in Monroe.  We were going to pick strawberries! We were home by 9:00 and carried into the house two huge crates of fresh picked strawberries.  With my new “eat locally” agenda I was ready to go at it and make strawberry jam. Pulled open my library book on preserving and …What fun! What work! Who would have thought it could have been so easy.  By 10:30 I was looking at 7 jars of delicious, fresh strawberry jam.  That didn’t mean though, that we were out of strawberries.  Remember the huge container comment earlier? So last night I made 6 jars of delicious Strawberry Rhubarb jam……strawberries still sitting in that container…so 3:30 a.m. today I made 7 jars of delicious Strawberry jam. You counted those up right? 20 jars of jam! My husband, in a very weak moment, I’m sure, had the nerve to ask me “so, who’s gonna eat all of this”?????  Men! 

 Anyways, I’ve made up beautiful labels, for the jars and the best part, I am still so excited about this whole process. I’m thinking Hot Red Pepper Jelly, Blueberry Jam, Marmalades, Pickles, Tomatoes.  I’ll keep you posted, oh and my garden looks fantastic.

If you’re going to be taking any type of road trip this summer, audio books are great to take along with you.  I just finished listening to one called “Stern Men” by Elizabeth Gilbert.  This is her first book.  Ms. Gilbert is also the author of “Eat, Pray, Love“.  “Stern Men” takes place on an island off of Maine during the early 1970’s.  It’s about a tough, lovable girl named Ruth Thomas.  The beginning of this CD started out slow for me, sometimes I’m not sure if it’s the book or the person reading it,  in fact I thought about not finishing it.  But the more I got into the story the more I realized how engaging and witty the writing was.  The characters are all unique.  The story of their lives, on this remote island, slowly evolves.  You learn about lobsters, and boating, and the relationships among the lobster-men and their families.  Give it a try.  Of course, we’ve got lots of other great audio books for you and your kids to check out.  Come in and have a look.




  1. Just wanted to recommend Victoria Graydale’s book The Wizard’s Daughter. I just finished reading it and it’s amazing. I didn’t want it to end.

  2. Thanks so much for your recommendation. I see we don’t own this at our library but going into Amazon the review of it sounds interesting and fun! That’s what summer reading is all about isn’t it. Finding a book that’s so good you just don’t want to put it down.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly! That’s exactly what summer is about.

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