Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | July 25, 2008

Ikea trip

Nicole, Jen, (teen librarians) and I had an exhausting trip to Ikea this week. (Check out the photos in flickr).  We bought tons of stuff for our new teen space.  We wouldn’t have been able to have this great opportunity without the support from our Friends of the Library.  They are allowing us, with their generous donation, to bring together a room for teens that will be energized, imaginative, and productive.  The rooms been painted and we are beginning to mount cork boards, magnetic boards, and chalk boards on the wall.  We have a fabulous artist, Adam Weisblatt, volunteering his time, to design our wall space into something outstanding.

Something I’ve always wanted to do, at a library I worked at, was to have a puzzle corner.  I’m so happy that the one we started here has been so successful.  Vicki, one of our volunteers, was the one who started us on this by bringing in the first 1000 piece puzzle.  We’ve heard some incredible stories from peiople who are sitting there working on them. (We are on our third one this summer!) I love seeing an older person sitting there working on the puzzle with an elementary age child.  Both searching for those very difficult pieces.  Our community of neighbors is growing here at the branch.  People who use the library almost daily are becoming aquainted with other neighbors who they hadn’t met before.  Our sewing and yoga classes are going strong as well.  Wait til you see our Fall schedule.  It’s chock full of really great programs.

Did you notice no mention of my garden.  A woodchuck!! That’s all I’m going to say.

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