Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | September 10, 2008

downUNDER help

I’ve posted a couple of pictures of our downUNDER teen space.  It has been a whopping success so far.  We’ve got great plans for it’s future.

If you live in the area and would like to help us out we need all kinds of donations. A couple of our teens are into fashion so we would love interesting pieces of any leftover material you may have.  They can use it to experiement with fashion ideas.  If you’ve got any paper doll sets laying around that is another thing we would love to have, so that they could make paper doll clothes.  We’ve also got some teens who want to learn how to knit so if you’ve got any matching needles or yarn that you’re not using?  Anybody have any bandana’s?  They make really cute handbags (no sewing!).  Of course bright colored duct tape is always wanted.  For the favorite things teens love to make, wallets, flowers, ties….. Oh, does anybody have any gimp? Last but not least, if you are brave at heart and would like to lead a teen class on a special hobby you may have, let us know.  We can meet and see if it’ll work for our group.

Thanks to anyone who can help – if you would like to donate any of the above mentioned items, you can drop them off at Fairfield Woods Branch Library.  Let whoever helps you know that the stuff is either for me of Jen, our teen librarian.  I’m thanking you in advance.



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