Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | April 26, 2009

Fairfield Woods Branch Library Neighborhood

I love our Woods neighborhood.  Awhile ago i went for a walk around the block during my lunch break.  When I do this I always walk by one house that, during the summer sells fresh produce out on their front driveway.  This particular day as I walked by I saw a sign that said fresh eggs.  I thought to myself, i wish I had some money on me so I could by some eggs.  I got back to the library and asked the staff if they knew who lived in that house.  No one did.  Later in the day, one of the moms who comes in to pick up her daugter and son from downUNDER (our teen space) stopped by to say hi to me.  I said to her, “you don’t by chance know who lives in that house on the corner that’s selling eggs?” She smiled at me and said “We do” – “No way” I said.  “Yeah we do.”  “Sooooo you’re selling the fresh eggs?”  – Well within 10 minutes her daughter had gone home, picked up a dozen fresh eggs, and delivered them to me in the library.  The eggs were so beautiful, and so delicious!! But the part I love the most is the neighborhood connection.  Our Woods neighborhood is filled with talented and interesting people.  It seems each week I meet and enjoy someone new.  In a couple of weeks we’re going to be starting another knitting group at the branch.  I’m not going to be running it, one of our Woods neighbors is.  I can’t wait for it to begin.  A master gardner, another Woods neighbor lead a fantastic discussion, this last Friday, on awakening your Spring Garden.  She had a wonderful mix of local neighbors who were all interested in learning about awakening their gardens  They talked about getting together, at the library, on a monthly basis to discuss and learn more.  Our library continues to be a perfect gathering place.  The library staff loves helping everyone and is always trying to make our patrons visit pleasant and memorable.  Stop in if you get a chance, We’d love to meet you.



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