Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | August 19, 2009

Live Today for Tomorrow

I love the fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, beans, peas, cabbage and more I’ve been pulling out of my garden, this summer.  They have been so yummy – Eating fresh and eating local is awesome, that’s why I’m so excited about our upcoming programs here at the branch.  If you’ve wanted to start your own garden but don’t think you have enough room in your yard you may be interested in our container garden program.  It’s amazing how little space you need to grow some delicious vegetables or herbs. My husband grew some awesome tomatoes in a pot he had sitting on our hatchway, for the summer, and we really enjoyed picking our own blueberries from the 10 bushes he planted against the back wall of our house.  Who knew it could be so easy!   Aime Hall, our presenter of this workshop, is a Health Counselor and a strong supporter of growing local.   She has helped develop container gardens in a couple of our local schools which is great.  It’s giving local kids an opportunity to grow their own.

You might think it’s to early to start thinking about a garden for next spring but Nick Mancini, a Master Gardener and soil guru assures me it’s not.  There is a ton of stuff you can do now to prepare your soil for next year’s summer garden.  Think fresh, think delicious, think juicy….it’ll motivate you to start working your soil!

How can we have a healthy relationship to the natural world?  What are we doing in Connecticut to preserve our farms and land? I care about this and I hope you do too.  Bill Duesing, Executive Director of Connecticut Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) will be here to kick off our series on sustainable living.

Sustainable living can also mean recycle and reuse.  I’m really excited about the program the Connecticut Chapter American Sewing Guild is offering.  If you’re like me mending or sewing a button onto something hasn’t actually been a top priority in my life.  But as I’ve begun to rethink how my husband and I live I’m warming up to the idea of learning the right way to mend something.  Some wonderful ladies from the sewing guild are going to show us some easy stitches,(is a slip stitch one?) we can use to mend.  They’ve put together take home kits for us to use that afternoon. This could be a great family program.  I think it’s going to be great fun, I hope I see you there.

We’ve got our ongoing programs, Purls of Wisdom, (you should see my felted bag and socks I’ve made!) and the Garden Coach.  Diana, our Master Gardener, puts together an informative session on topics of interest to the backyard gardener.  In September she’s going to be talking about planting all of those fall bulbs that you can’t wait to pop up in the spring – think tulips and daffodils.  Our knitting group is so much fun – we had a photographer from the Faifield Citizen in the other day taking pictures of our knitters knitting and purling away – it was great – a full color page!  Joan is the leader of the group and she has helped us all with our knitting “issues”.

Dr. Mona Garcia brings history to life with her series this fall “Sovereigns and Siblings: The Children of Christian IX”.  Dr. Garcia has a way of making history come alive.  She presents a cast of historical characters that you begin to know intimately by the end of the session.

Well, I’ve touched on some of our September programming, this of course doesn’t even include our children’s or teen programs and don’t forget about our great bookclubs that will be starting back up.  Check out our website to see everything that’s offered.

Sign up, become part of our Woods commuity.  I’d love to meet you.

Happy gardening,



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