Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | September 19, 2009

Live Today for Tomorrow

We’ve begun our “Live Today for Tomorrow” series and both programs, so far, have been outstanding.  I was able to attend Amie Hall’s program, Square Foot Gardening, last night.  Amie made planting a garden in a square grid look so easy!  She actually brought the wood in and pictures of the veggies to show how easy it is.  She talked about the gardens she has started at two middle schools, in town, and she also talked about the advantages of having a garden in your yard. We all know this, right.  The advantage of fresh picked veggies and herbs in the summer.  But, some people become intimidated by the prospect of it all.  You can do this.  Check out the book “All new square foot gardening” by Mel Bartholomew.  Or visit his website to find lots of great stuff. 

Amie’s got a website as well, check it out.

 In this past Friday’s Fairfield Citizen, September19th, there was an article about an upcoming presenter, Wyatt Whiteman; “Reliving simpler times” and another great article from Bill Deusing our first presenter called “How are we going to eat?”.  Being informed helps us all make smart choice in how we live our days.

This week Nick Mancini will be discussing “soil” and how to get it ready now for next year.  Oh, and our sewing program is coming up on Saturday.  If your around stop by, you’ll learn lots of great tips.

Happy reading!



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