Posted by: whimsicallibrarians | September 24, 2009

Live today for tomorrow…again

Another fantastic program last night.  Who would have thought that a program on soil preparation could bring out 45 people.  And Nick Mancini, the presenter of this workshop, did not disappoint.  He is such an expert on soil and what is right for a vegetable garden.  He shared with us how he’s gone to the shore and gotten buckets of seaweed for his garden (he says to head out at low tide to gather it and wash the seaweed you gather before drying and putting in your garden) and how he has dried banana peels to add to his soil in his garden.  Both highly nutrient for the soil and something that is pretty easy to come by.  I wish I could take a piece of land here at the library and use it as a learning tool.  That way people could come out and see how each step is done – sometimes it all seems so intimidating.  You just need that little bit of observation and reassurance that yes, I can do this.  Please check out Nick’s website, his email address is there as well.  I’m sure he’d be happy to answer your soil questions.  Don’t forget the Fairfield Green Food Guide it’s another great source of information.

Next up for us: Color Your Diet Healthy.  You’ve grown all the vegetables, now what?  Micki Bello, a nutritional educator, loves to help people of all ages take back control of their health through healthy eating.  She’ll be sharing simple tips and strategies.  Sign up, I’d love to see you there.



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